Who We Are

For over 40 years, the Novato Youth Center has offered programs to youth and their families in the community. A one-of-a-kind 501c3 non-profit agency, we serve 3,000 youth and families. We are proud that almost half of our staff members are bilingual and we are able to serve a culturally and socio-economically diverse mix of families in a manner that integrates and unites our community. Our programs are offered in our 23,000 sq. ft. main facility at 680 Wilson Avenue, on elementary, middle and high school campuses throughout Novato, in the community, and at the Novato Teen Clinic at 6090 Redwood Blvd.

The mission of the Novato Youth Center is to inspire and prepare youth to succeed.
We provide youth and families, particularly those in need, with comprehensive programs that
connect them to resources, strengthen skills, build community, and support their
academic, emotional, and physical growth.

La misión del Novato Youth Center es inspirar y preparar a los jóvenes a que tengan éxito. Proveemos amplios programas que conectan a jóvenes y familias, especialmente a los más necesitados, con recursos, mejoramiento de habilidades, creando comunidad y apoyando a su
crecimiento académico, emocional y físico.