What We Do


Our programs for a lifetime work together in a comprehensive way to support the academic, social-emotional, physical and behavioral needs of youth.

  1. Child Development (Sparks Enrichment Program: Elementary/Middle School)
  2. Sports Leagues
  3. Youth and Family Counseling Programs
  4. Adolescent Health and Wellness
  5. Community-based Prevention Programs

Our one-of-a-kind facility features a full-sized indoor gym, art studio, library with computers, commercial size kitchen and dining room, state-of-the-art playground, outdoor garden, fully equipped game room, and counseling rooms.

Our main 23,000 sq. ft. facility is located at 680 Wilson Avenue. We are also can be found on elementary, middle and high school campuses throughout Novato, in the community, and at the Novato Teen Clinic located at Marin Community Clinics, across the street from the Ford Dealership at 6090 Redwood Blvd.